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Rule 2305 WAIRE Program Alert There is both an opportunity and danger with the looming deadline of January 31, 2022 in which warehouses of at least 100,000 square feet under authority of South Coast AQMD must declare what are called 'early action points'. In short this mechanism allows these warehouses to benefit now from actions that would be required under the rule when their compliance obligations begin in the future. Glad to explain further in a conversation but the main thing to note is there is a time deadline that dictates a call to action now!

Rule 2305 WAIRE Program Alert 2 WON Reports were required to be filed by owners of warehouses of 100,000 square feet or more by September 1, 2021. Yet, one third of owners of ten (10) warehouses or more haven't submitted WON Reports. South Coast AQMD staff are deciding on appropriate follow-up to assure all reports are submitted. Whether they turn to enforcement actions to achieve compliance remains to be seen.